Millable Dental Wax Discs
Millable Dental Wax Discs

Millable Dental Wax Discs

Model No.
Millable Dental Wax Discs
Theresin reinforced wax disccan 100% burnout without leaving any residue forCNC milling and casting using.

Color:Blue orwhite


Softeningtemperature: 102 ° C 

Drip melting temperature:116 ° C 

Density: 0.89-0.9

Ash: 0.032%

Shrinkage: 5%
OpenCADCAM millingsystemOD98*10mm-25mmBlue,White
AmannGirrbach CADCAM millingsystem89*71*12mm-25mmBlue,White
Zirkonzahn CADCAM millingsystemOD95*10mm-25mmBlue,White,

Product features
1.Excellent processability, no adhesion tomilling tools, and convenient formanual milling, thethinnest teethcrown could reach0.3mm.
2.Processed through special technique, totally eliminate the inner stress, thedeformationduring machining is decreased substantially.
3.High melting point, neither being melted due tohigh temperature during milling ,normaking inconveniencetomachiningdue to high melting point.
4.Excellent anti-static property, easy for processing andcleaning.

Product application

The wax blockis compatible with dental lab for making all male molds oforal tissue. Special fordental  CAD/CAM systemcarving wax, wax mold teethcrown andbridge

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